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July 2016

When is a shopping centre more than just a shopping centre?

Recommended Retail Practice Report

This year for our Recommended Retail Practice (RRP) Report, we gave the power to shoppers to tell us what they want from us and our retailer partners when it comes to their shopping experience. That’s because in 2016, achieving success in the retail industry goes beyond just the goods you sell, and developing successful shopping centres takes more than creating a place for people to shop.  

September 2014

The Consulting Consumer

Recommended Retail Practice Report

AMP Capital Shopping Centres' (AMPCSC) annual Recommended Retail Practices Report 2014 (RRP): The Consulting Consumer reveals that never has the voice of consumers been so vital in making and breaking brands and retailers, than it is today.

The report has identified five key themes and related recommendations for retailers. More than anything, shoppers are seeking meaningful connections with brands and retailers and the opportunity to collaborate on products, services and experiences. The time is right to embrace this shift in the way brands interact with customers. After all, customers are the most effective consultants a company can hire, and in order to form lasting relationships, it is vital to connect and start a meaningful conversation with them.

October 2013

The New Consumer Paradigm

Embracing The Evolving Retail Landscape

This year we have identified five major socioeconomic trends that are set to influence and shape the Australian retail industry, including key thought leadership insights for retailers to consider when developing future business strategies.

September 2011

Consumer Connections

Australians using digital media to support in-store shopping

AMP Capital Shopping Centres' (AMPCSC) annual Recommended Retail Practices Report 2011(RRP): Consumer Connections into Australia's $240 billion retail sector reveals that 85% of shoppers who are online are using some form of digital media to support their in-store shopping. That means around 5 million Australian households are online researching, 'talking' to friends, comparing, seeking advice or even leaving comments on websites about their shopping.

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