June 2017

Nothing beats shopping in a shop!

A deep dive into why our shoppers still prefer shopping in-centre over online.

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Nothing beats shopping in a shop

The latest AMP Capital Recommended Retail Practice Report – From A to Gen Z: Shopping with the Future Generation was launched recently. The report explores four main topics and below is a deeper look into one of those topicsNothing beats shopping in a shop.

The research showed despite the lure of online shopping, Future Shoppers (those aged 18-22) still prefer to shop in-store just as much, if not more than Current Shoppers (those 23 and over). This is because they’re social creatures, drawn to the face-to-face, touch-and-feel contact that in-store shopping provides.

We asked some of our shoppers what they would miss if there were no physical stores.
“I'd really miss physical stores if the world came to that. The customer experience is much more personal in-store and it's always beneficial to be able to view the physical products before purchase.”

A lot of things will be missed out if online shopping was the only option. First of all the difficulty in trying clothes and accessories on in store would be missed out. The other thing that will be missed is the chance of socialising while shopping. Many individuals use shopping in-store as a mean of socialising with one another   

"Being able to try on the clothes to see if it is a good fit. Being in a physical store with a nice layout of products. Being greeted by staff. Having the entire customer service experience.”

“I personally would hate having to do all my shopping online. I love the interaction with retail staff and learning more about products and also being able to try things on and get advice from sales staff. You don't get that personal touch online.”

"Being able to walk around a shopping centre isn't just for shopping, it's a social gathering too. Seeing clothes in real life is better too”

Our Future Shoppers have spoken and they still WANT to come into your store – all you need to do is give them an experience worth the trip!


  • Make shopping a social event
  • Use Snapchat filters and in-store photo booths
  • Provide exclusive workshops groups can enjoy in-store.
  • Provide outstanding customer service, including letting shoppers try your products 

Retailer Examples

Take a look below at some industry leaders in the retailer experience space. 

The Athlete's Foot

The Athlete’s Foot stores now boast FITZI, the world's most comprehensive fit technology. Two years in the making, and with over 4,000 sensors, FITZI helps staff analyse pressure, gait, foot type and foot shape. Selected stores also feature interactive digital screens, store-in-store concepts, localised imagery and community integration.

Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima

Beauty retailers, Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima, provide valuable in-store experiences that bring the products to life through its highly personalised customer services. Make-up artists, skincare specialists and fragrance experts are located in every store, so that customers have access to bespoke beauty advice and expertise. Mecca also hosts exclusive social events, including group make-up lessons with global make-up artists, masterclasses and product launches, inviting loyal customers to get up close and personal with the world’s leading experts.


Kikki.K offers fun, group learning experiences instore with their interactive and inspiring workshops. Whether shoppers are looking to overcome organisation challenges, rediscover ambitions, explore personal happiness, or live in the moment, customers will love the experience of a kikki.K Workshop. Customers can choose from dream . Do . Enjoy . Share, Organisation, Happiness, Goals, Mindfulness, Planner, Habits or DIY Workshops run by Personal Consultants in store, or private workshops held at a location and time to suit.